"Since 2011 I make passport photos with the DPS systems. I find service and support very important and both are super. The systems work very easily (so that everyone here can work with it) and give professional quality photos. This has multiplied my number of customers and my turnover by five."

- A. Ten Hove
Cadeau Chateau, Almere


"As a passport photographer, it is important to be able to serve customers "à la minute". They expect top quality in "no time". Therefore I chose, after much prospecting, the passport photo system from DPS. I can assure you that quality, technical support, helpfulness and friendliness ... are simply top notch. This should not be more ...."

- Rudy Somers
KLIK-Graphics, Brasschaat


"Since the opening (2016) of our tobacco convenience store (Primera) we started taking passport photos with ID station.

ID station is ready for use and with a small training on the work floor you will quickly become familiar with taking passport photos.

All employees (full and part timers) take pictures with ID station and if everything is well installed, you can’t make a mistake.

ID station offers many possibilities for passport photos both for national and international (visa) criteria and, in addition, it is user-friendly so you become quickly familiar with making professional photos.

The support from DPS is both by phone and online so that the (few) problems are resolved quickly; we are also visited at the branch.

The cooperation with the municipality is also good as consumers are advised by the municipality of Beverwijk to visit our Primera for a passport photo!

Primera Beverhof is also very pleased with station ID because it is a major contributor to revenue and profit!"

- Henri Hooijschuur
KLIK-Primera Beverhof, Beverwijk